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ECI uses tactical investigations to gather the best evidence for your matter. We use surveillance techniques for such cases as Infidelity, Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Executive Protection, and Business Solutions. By using state-of-the-art equipment, this enables ECI to capture the best possible evidence to support your claim.

We can utilize physical and remote surveillance techniques.

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*All evidence is gathered in accordance with all local and federal rules and regulations. We do not conduct cyber investigations.

Background Checks

Thorough and legal gathering of information to establish a well-rounded picture of the individual in question. We use a number of resources to find probable information in individual background checks. We comply with Maryland law so that our background checks have the highest level of integrity. Information gathered may need to be verified with the courts or other sources on a case-by-case basis.

Background checks can be useful in a variety of cases, from hiring a new employee to vetting someone's true identity. Let us do the research so you can rest assured.

Domestic & Criminal Investigations

To suit our clients' needs, we offer a broad range of investigations. We have a team of investigators getting to the bottom of your case across Maryland. Our experience in both domestic and criminal investigations give us the advantage to uncover hidden truths for you.

Our Maryland investigators go above and beyond to find you the answers you need, no matter the case type.

Process Service

Our legal support services are centered around process service. Process serving, or the practice of serving legal documents to particular parties to officially notify them of their involvement, is the backbone of due diligence. We take this service seriously. Serving documents across Maryland, we are familiar with the local judicial system and serve papers within Maryland's rules and regulations.

Internal Investigations

Going above and beyond the typical investigative agency, ECI performs internal investigations to discreetly uncover any wrongdoing in your business. Since internal investigations involve your employees and company, we work alongside you to determine the best routes to follow. This type of investigation necessitates confidentiality and discreet work, all of which ECI not only maintains but perfects.

Executive Protection

We are proud to provide security and executive protection for Maryland residents. We research and assess any threats whether they are for an individual, location, or event. Security and safest are ECI's top priorities, and we are diligent in pursuing reliable protection services.

ECI has provided protection to individuals on popular TV shows including Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, John & Kate Plus 8, Kate Plus 8, Breaking Amish, & The Duggar Family. We are open to traveling on a case-by-case basis. Our protection team understands that you are putting your faith in their hands. They are motivated to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Location Services

Finding individuals for personal, professional, or legal matters. Our location services can be used for process service, otherwise known as skip tracing. Skip tracing allows our process servers to serve legal documents to evasive or hard-to-find defendants, increasing our success rate.

Beyond skip tracing, we use our location expertise to find loved ones. Location cases can be simple or very difficult based on the circumstances, so our course of action will vary based on your case.

Insurance Investigations

Investigating insurance fraud, claims, and more. Our Maryland investigators are familiar with a range of insurance investigations so that we can get to the bottom of your case. If you have questions or concerns regarding insurance claims or other related matters, give ECI a call!

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Reasons why people hire private investigators:

  1. Conduct surveillance
  2. Service of process
  3. Perform background checks (this is particularly important for businesses!)
  4. Conduct undercover sting operations
  5. Carry out "mystery shopper" or "mystery client" projects
  6. Reconstruct an accident
  7. Conduct an asset search
  8. Catch a cheating spouse/infidelity
  9. Investigate child custody
  10. Conduct a personal injury investigation
  11. Carry out a divorce & family law investigation
  12. Conduct executive protection
  13. Perform fraud/embezzlement investigations
  14. Investigate sexual harassment cases
  15. Perform due diligence of all kinds
  16. Locate missing persons
  17. Perform workplace violence investigations
  18. Check public records in court
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